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Top Nine Advantages of Digital Marketing


Digital media is all pervasive. It is a source of news, entertainment & more relevantly to our topic, brand reviews. Brand reviews from peers, media, friends & relatives are especially persuasive for the customer. Customers like brands that know them & their preferences, communications that address their needs and wants & offers that have their requirements as top priority.

1. Powerful Tool- Digital Marketing is undoubtedly the most powerful marketing tool available to promote brands, market and increase sales through various advanced campaign tools & techniques.

2. Cost advantage- Digital marketing has a huge cost advantage over traditional marketing. It can be deployed in a more timely fashion. Digital marketing goes from planning to execution more quickly.

3. Level playing Field- Digital marketing levels the playing field. A smaller business can compete with a bigger business with an excellent digital marketing strategy. The smaller business’s website should be minimalistic, to the point & user friendly. This negates any advantages that the bigger business has due to size.

4. Measurable- The results of digital marketing are more easily measurable. You can more quickly see results on the ground. You can see the numbers of visitors to your site and its subscribers increase, peak times, conversion rates and much more at the click of a mouse.

5. Flexibility- Digital marketing allows you to change your strategy according to the response you have received. For instance, you can send two sets of emails with two different subject lines. If one subject line gets more response, you can use that subject line as the standard.

If your website is well-maintained with all relevant information, there is a greater possibility of your getting business opportunities in the future.

6. Cost Effectiveness- It costs far less effort & money for your business to be known around the world through digital as opposed to traditional marketing. Also, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) ensures that your website will maintain your ranking.

7. Sharing- It is easier to share through social media such as Facebook. Your message can be shared wider & quicker through social media than by traditional marketing.

8. User Friendly- Online users get the chance to not receive correspondence in things they are not interested in.

9. Better engagement- Through digital media, there is greater engagement from your customers. Customers can read about your offerings, buy them, rate them, & share their feedback and create viral and referral base, without any manual intervention – In a completely automated mode.

Digital marketing is expected to continue growing in the future. So, experience the power of digital marketing and achieve your business goals.

Top 46 Questions to Which Every Client Wants an Answer

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If you have a few “yeses” to these, we are in business.


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